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We have many installations and cater for a wide range of configurations, some private and some commercial, here are a few examples.

Iona Installation
A hotel - Isle of Iona, West of Scotland. March 2009
This private house features five 3m2 AES Ltd solar panels (15m2 in total).

Kingdom Housing Installation
Kingdom Housing Association - Methil, Fife, East of Scotland. 2001
A development of 15 sustainable houses at Turner Crescent, Methil for Kingdom Housing Association. Each house features a 3m2 or a 4m2 AES Ltd solar panel connected to unvented hot water cylinders.

Perth Installation
A private house - Inchyra, Perth.
This private house features a 4m2 AES Ltd solar panel. 120 litres of solar storage with a further 120 litres in the domestic hot water cylinder.

Eigg Installation
A private House - Isle of Eigg, West of Scotland. April 2007
This private house has a 4m2 AES Ltd solar panel that is frame mounted to set it at an optimum angle to allow for maximum solar capture.

Burntisland Installation
A private House - Burntisland, Fife, East of Scotland. 2008
This private house has two 3m2 AES Ltd solar panels that are vertical mounted. This is unusual however was directed like this is to comply with conservation regulations.

RAF Leuchars Installation
A barrack block (Arron) at R.A.F Leuchars in Fife.
This installation with four 4m2 AES Ltd solar panels (16m2 in total) act on a 450 litre solar cylinder. Excess solar energy is diverted to a 1000 litre calorifier using a thermosyphon cicuit.

Shettleston Housing Installation
Shettleston Housing Association - Glasgow.
A development of 16 houses and flats at Glenalmond Street. A total of eight 4m2 AES Ltd solar panels provide 36m2 of solar input to a 10,000 litre central storage tank. Geothermal energy is also used in conjunction with solar energy providing sustainable housing.

Isle of Mull, West of Scotland. 2006
This estate features 4m2 AES Ltd solar panels.

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