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How does Solar Water Heating work?

The solar system consists of a solar water panel and a method of storing the generated heat typically a water tank either existing or new. The panel will be sized according to the amount of storage available.

A new circuit containing the solar panel is created. This connects a new twin coil solar cylinder to the solar panel on the roof. A new twin coil solar cylinder is not required on all cases. Use can be made of a seperate pre-heat solar cylinder or an external heat exchanger on the existing cylinder. When the panel is 6oC above the temperature inside the water storage tank the circulation pump will start pumping. The fluid in this circuit is usually anti-freeze (to stop freezing and other associated issues with winter). The fluid will travel up to the panel and the sun will heat it up as it moves through the panel. The heated fluid then flows back to the water storage tank. This process then repeats heating the water storage tank.

We use solar panels that are at the forefront of modern solar technology. Now you don't need direct sunlight. Our systems work by not only using the direct sunlight for heat transfer - but by also using the UVrays from the sun, so it even works on bright overcast days too.

During winter months when the solar is not as efficient compared to the summer, the conventional heating will be required to produce hot water. However the solar will compliment the conventional heating further reducing winter fuel bills.

How does Solar Photovoltaic Electricity (PV) Work?

Solar PV systems use energy from the sun to generate electricity.
This can be achieved in two ways, either by generating electricity for your own use or by send it straight to the national grid. Both of these ways will allow you to benifit from the government's feed in tariff scheme. You will be paid by the government for the electricity produced by your PV installation.

A solar PV installation consists of a number of PV modules formed together as an array. Electricity is produced when light shines onto the outer cells. This DC electricity is collected and fed into an inverter where it is converted in AC electricity for self use or to be fed into the national grid.

Animation of Solar Photovoltaic Installation
   © Animated image courtesy of Energy Savings Trust

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